itee āyurveda - इति आयुर्वेद
with āyurveda āchārya
Dr Neelesh Taware and Dr Ameeta Taware
āyurveda- keep healthy and cure disease

इति आयुर्वेद - āyurveda
uproot disease en rout health and harmony

इति आयुर्वेद
The science that guides you to better health and well being.

With our expertise and experience we will guide you all the way.
Understand yourself better, and rediscover your way to a healthier body and mind.

Ayurveda is getting a lot of attention these days and all the more with the passage of time. We want to offer our bit of share, most importantly to make people understand Ayurveda better and also through our eyes. Our focus is to make the most of the individual approach that it has and also to make the best out of it for you.

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